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Organic spices online,

Place des épices specializes in organic spices and organic spice blends ground to order. In addition to spices, we also offer a range of high-quality organic teas and herbal teas, as well as organic dried fruit in bulk.
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How long do your spices last?

A wide-ranging debate, but a simple reality: spices have a harvesting time. In fact, spices are flowers, bark, buds, roots and other leaves, parts of plants that are harvested at a very specific time, which varies according to the plant species. Unfortunately, when you...
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History of spices in the world mappemonde by Lucien Boucher 1950 personal collection

Ecocert control

Well, after 3 hours of inspection as we do every six months, Place des Epices has once again received a favorable opinion from our certifier Ecocert. It gives us a special mention for the quality of our traceability, which is something we're very proud of, since it's been one of our credos since the company was founded....
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Place des Épices is a very seductive e-commerce boutique, and I'd go so far as to say even more so... Beyond its pleasant look, its exceptional products, its eco-responsible approach and its serious relationship with its customers, this little box exudes an overflowing passion on the part of its designers, which arouses curiosity and, what's more, invites us to travel in our kitchens and during our little snacks.


The only online grocery store where you can smell the perfumes!


Real feedback from real enthusiasts

  • Place des Epices has the advantage over all the competition of being able to sell not only quality organic spices but also organic spice blends assembled and ground to order... nothing to see... thanks again.

    Alain Grangé
    Home cook +
  • These spice blends are unlike any others in that they're not made 1 year ago, but prepared and ground to order, and that makes all the difference!

    Nicolas Thiebault