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Organic Tellicherry black pepper TGSEB

91,60  /kg

Superb organic black pepper from Tellicherry (Thalassery) in the Wayanad district of Kerala in south-west India, on the Kalpetta heights at over 1000m altitude. A beautiful, intense, fruity black pepper with light citrus notes and a surprisingly long finish.

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Further information

Tellicherry black peppercorns are from the Malabar coast of Kerala, India. They are considered to be the finest peppercorns in India, and one of the few pepper appellations people know. Our pepper has a particularly sweet taste, with fruity and grassy aromas passing through citrus and pine, but above all a lovely, bright freshness. The mild, balanced flavor and complex aromas make it an excellent pepper. TGSEB is the highest grade of Kerala peppercorns(Tellicherry Garbled Special Extra Bold), with a minimum diameter of 4.25mm and a maximum diameter of 5mm.

Organoleptic characteristics of organic tellicherry pepper:
Color: dark brown to black
Aroma: strong, penetrating, tangy aroma
Taste: warm, spicy, long-lasting, fruity
Particle size: Tellicherry Garbled Super Extra Bold (TGSEB > 4.25 mm)

Caractéristiques chimiques du poivre de tellicherry :
Humidité : < 12,0 %
Huiles volatiles : > 2,5 ml/100g
Cendres : < 7 %
Acide insoluble dans les cendres : < 1 %

Nutrition information / 100 g of tellicherry pepper:
Energy: 285 kcal
Protein: 10.9 g
Fat: 3.3 g
Carbohydrates: 52.0 g
Fiber: 13.3 g
Sodium: 0.1 g

Weight ND





Brown-black, Black




Spicy (5/10)

Botanical nomenclature

Piper nigrum L.


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