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Himalayan pink salt powder

5,50  /kg

Pink Himalayan salt from Kashmir, extracted from the Khewra mines in the heart of the Himalayas. Available in mill crystals.

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Himalayan pink salt powder, also known as Kashmir pink salt diamond powder, is one of the purest salts you'll find along with Persian blue salt.

History of Himalayan pink salt powder:

Its origins date back several hundred million years, when evaporation from an inland sea created an enormous vein. When the Himalayan range formed 40 million years ago, its salt cavities rose closer to the surface.

Today, salt is extracted from the Khewra mines at a depth of around 500m. The salt is used either in crystals (for table mills) or in powder form, as shown here, or in larger blocks.

Pakistan is the place to go to see the famous mines, just as Alexander the Great discovered them (by chance) in 326 B.C. when he camped there after the Battle of Hydaspe (see our second episode on the history of spices around the world).

We descend into the mine on a century-old train (now used only to show tourists around the mines), and head for miles of underground galleries. The site covers more than a hundred square kilometers and is packed with magnificent (or completely kitsch) salt sculptures, shops and a post office!


Weight 50 g

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Botanical nomenclature

Salt diamond from Kashmir